Born and raised in a musical family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Gordon was immersed in southern traditions, old fashioned church meetings, good home cookin’ and music to stir the soul. His father and mother taught him their southern gospel heritage and his older brothers let him in on pop and rock. Through the years, he has performed music from gospel to pop, rock to hymns, and everything in between. In high school, Gordon’s musical ability began to flourish. After taking piano sporadically for a few years and never enjoying practicing what was forced on him, he began to pursue his own interests. Expressing himself through writing was a natural progression. Even as his career path of being a pastor of worship through the local church was growing and yielding fruit, song writing began to take a back seat. However, that all changed with the birth of Ivi Grace, Gordon’s little girl. Through some troubling health issues with Ivi Grace and an additional direction for his ministry, God has begun to open doors for Gordon to share his testimony and his music. To learn more, visit i believe above.

Gordon married Christi, his best friend, in 1998. Their daughter, Ivi Grace, was born in November 2010.

as an artist

Gordon’s music comes from his heart. Whether songs birthed from great joy or deep pain, they resonate from a place down deep in the soul. Even though Gordon writes, sings and plays the piano, he feels his greatest gifting is in inspiring others through music. Whether leading in a worship service, performing for a small crowd or singing before a large audience, Gordon says it’s all about the heart behind the song. “I used to think that I had to be the greatest musician to share what God has given me, but I’ve learned that it’s more than just technical proficiency or how cool something is, even though that is part of it. It’s about inspiring people to let go, to emote for moment through music and in doing so, draw closer to the Lord. Music is a powerful medium. God made it to glorify Him.”

I Believe is a song that Gordon wrote for himself, never thinking anyone else would ever hear it. It was written right after Gordon and Christi learned the devastating news about their newborn baby girl, Ivi Grace. As Gordon searched and prayed for answers, frustration came to the breaking point. “I was like, okay God, what now? Where are You in all this? Where is this awesome, mighty God that I try and lead people to worship each week? I just wanted to run out into the street and shout into the sky ‘Where are You?’ But somehow, this thing called faith, the power of Christ living inside of me, it causes me to believe. I mean, I really do, even with all this stuff, I believe. I can’t help to believe that God will take care of my little girl and all the other details of our lives, in His way, in His time. Even if it’s not the way I would do it or want it, I know His hand is on our lives. I thank Him for that.”

I Believe asks a lot of questions. But as the song unfolds, the admission of faith, even though small and fragile, is proclaimed. I Believe will inspire you in your walk with the Lord and in the struggles we all face in life.

To learn more about Ivi Grace, Gordon and Christi’s journey, or to purchase the song, click on the I Believe link above. 

as a pastor

Gordon is the Worship Pastor at Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Istrouma has a dynamic Worship Ministry made up of talented and spirit filled people. Gordon says this about his leadership roll there. “I don’t have much use for the CEO mentality in ministry. I know there are many people who lead from a distance, but I’ve never been that way. I like to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. I see myself more of a coach. Everyone needs something different. and it’s up to a coach to know how to best encourage and use them. The music itself is not the end, it is a means. The result should be everyone, whether they are on the stage or in the pew, drawing closer to the Lord.”

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