ivi grace - surgery update 2

Friday morning - 2:30 a.m.

Several things come to my mind as I write this. One of them is how much I love my little girl and my wife. We get so caught up in the junk of everyday living, we forget the blessings our Father has given us in our family and friends. All the support that has been shown to us is overwhelming in a time of overwhelming circumstances. Thank you all.

Ivi Grace had a semi-rough night (Wednesday night) with pain, but it was managed well by the hospital staff. Thursday day was mostly fine, with moments of crying and confusion. The swelling in her face has definitely increased, but we knew this would happen. Her eyes are swollen shut, so the sound of our voice, the touch of our hands and holding her close has a calming affect. She has two drainage ports that drain the excess bleeding from her skull which you can see in the picture. Also, we moved out of ICU tonight, so that was a good thing. She is not out of the woods yet, but doing well overall. Her head dressing will come off tomorrow, and I’m sure that will be a dramatic moment. I still haven’t really slept but about 6 hours in the last 3 days, so I am hoping to get some rest tomorrow during the day. I made everyone else turn in for the night since I’m a night owl anyway. But this owl is about to quit hooting soon...looking forward to the Ronald McDonald House bed tomorrow morning. It will be my own private church service with Sister Sheets and Pastor Pillow. 

Many of you have asked what exactly craniosynostosis is or why the operation was needed. There’s a couple of short videos to help those out there who want to better understand the condition and treatment at the bottom of this post.

Lastly, this is most amazing thing tonight. I have night duty, and Ivi Grace has been nauseated and uncomfortable. even with drugs to try to help. So I started playing “I Believe” on my laptop and she calmed right down. She’s been listening to it for the last 45 minutes and starts fidgeting when it stops, so I have to keep repeating it. I’m sick of hearing it, but I guess she likes to hear her Daddy’s voice. I love that part. Yep, I do.