ivi grace - surgery update 4

Ivi Grace loved her wagon rides around the unit. So did the nurses. Winky (her little lamb) liked the rides too.

Ivi Grace loved her wagon rides around the unit. So did the nurses. Winky (her little lamb) liked the rides too.

Going home. That’s what we’ll be doing in the morning. In fact, we are not even in the hospital anymore. The doctor came in today and saw how fast Ivi Grace was recovering and basically told us to get out. So, we are staying the night at the Ronald McDonald House right across the street from the hospital just as a precaution. Nothing should happen, but just playing it safe. Tomorrow, we’ll load the car up and head back to Hendersonville. Most children would have probably been in the hospital till Monday. Here we are, two days early, being told it’s ok for us to go home. Wow! Prayer is an amazing thing. We have felt it sustain us and comfort us. The tears have been there, but also the peace in knowing our Father was holding our little girl in His hands. Thank you for lifting her and us up to Him.

For those who want to really see what’s going on in Ivi Grace’s skull, below are some of the CT scans taken just 12 hours after her surgery. To see the pre-surgery scans for comparison, see my previous blog post by clicking here. I know the images can be confusing, so here is what to take away.

  1. The eyes sockets where realigned by cutting the right socket bone and bridge bone right above the nose and hinging it down a bit.
  2. Her complete forehead was taken out and reshaped. You’ll see the spacing above it to allow for brain growth.
  3. A circle was cut from her right back side and moved to her left backside, and vice versa. This will provide for better symmetry and brain growth. 
  4. The “L” shaped spaces on the left and right side of her head will provide for future growth. It’s a bigger “L” on her right side which is the side with the fused suture.
  5. The long lines were the drains for excess fluid. They are gone now.
  6. Other small things that a musician like myself cannot explain. Just know the doctor did quite a carpentry job.

Keep in mind that the spaces that look like there is no bone, there isn’t. However, it will fill in with new bone growth over time. Amazing isn’t it?

Again, thank you for praying for us all. Christi will be writing a blog post in a day or so to share some of her thoughts. In the meantime, I’m going to go crash and let you enjoy the graphic and somewhat nauseating pictures below. Later!