ivi grace update 2

So many of you have sent cards, called us or posted messages online letting us know how much you care, and most of all, that you are praying for our sweet pea. Thank you.

The doctor’s office called today and we are going to see the cranio/facial surgeon this coming Thursday. I’m sure after that appointment, we will know much more.

On another note...look at the picture of Ivi Grace in her bed. Looks like a baby sleeping doesn’t it. No big deal. But actually, this picture is huge answer to prayer. Ivi Grace has Torticollis as well as Craniosynostosis. We have been doing therapy with her for months. As you can see, she is laying on her right cheek, which means her head is turned to her left. She is now doing this on her own, where for several months, it was exhausting to get her to do this. She hated being turned to that direction and WOULD NOT sleep like that for anything. However, one night a few weeks ago, Christi came in and showed me the video monitor and said that Ivi Grace had turned her head without any coaching. This has continued, and we praise God. This is huge progress. Thank you for the prayers, they work.

We’ll let you know we find out on Thursday. God bless.

Ivi Grace helping daddy rehearse the band.

Ivi Grace helping daddy rehearse the band.