ivi grace update 4

Today, Ivi Grace was fitted with her new DOC Band (see previous posts) in Charlotte at Cranial Technologies. After the fitting, we walked around a mall for awhile and ate lunch, went back and they checked her head for rubbing. She seemed fine, so we made the trip home. She seems to be tolerating the band for the most part. The first few days we’ll have to regularly check her for rubbing and let her head rest as needed. After that, she will need to be wearing the band 23 hours a day. In addition, we will have make the schlep to Charlotte, which is a five hour round trip, once a week for additional adjustments. This is normal for most DOC Band patients. The thing that is not normal is Ivi Grace’s head. She has three different things happening at the same time, and they all complicate the other. I won’t bore you with all the technical jargon, but just say that we are praying that the DOC Band will set her up to have a successful surgery in a few months and that we are able to further her therapy for her Torticollis in the midst of her wearing this device.


We have also switched gears on her therapy and will be having a physical therapist visit her in our home, hopefully once a week, but at least every other. This will be a blessing as we are struggling with the Torticollis. She is like her daddy, kind of stubborn. Actually, she is a sweet, sweet baby. She fusses when she’s hungry or tired, but so do I. Other than that, she loves being around us and other people and gives almost everyone a warm, two teeth smile.

I was telling Christi today that I never thought I’d love someone else as much I love her (Christi), but somehow, my heart has doubled in size over night. My two girls are the joy of my life. I love them both more than anything and thank God for blessing me with them. I know we are older than a lot of first time parents, but I believe God had a plan in this for a number of reasons. One of those being that we are a little (very very little for me) maturer in our faith and in life and He knew what we and Ivi Grace would be facing at this time. I am not saying we have it all together, but I believe that Providence has been preparing us for such a time as this and we embrace it knowing that He is faithful. Thank you for your prayers and love for us and for Ivi Grace. We love you all.

John 16:33