ivi grace update 5

Ivi Grace has been in her DOC Band for a week and a half, and it seems to be going pretty well. We take it off for bath time or for some of her therapy, but other than that, she wears it all the time. There were concerns that it could irritate her sensitive skin, but so far, she has been fine. I think she knows it’s on, but just like a pair of pants or socks, she gets used to it quickly. We went for her first fitting this past Monday (to Charlotte) and her therapist saw some small changes in just a week. They compare her head now to an exact replica of it (see picture) each time she goes. This is how they measure the changes and see how far she has come. She tried to show me the very subtle changes of the past week by rubbing the model head and then Ivi Grace’s. I was like “uh, yeah, whatever you say.” I couldn’t tell, but I’m just the big dumb daddy. What do I know? She also has a “head” that is the finished product, which they built her helmet off of. It’s really amazing all the things they can do. Technology rocks.

Ivi Grace...meet Ivi Grace.

Ivi Grace...meet Ivi Grace.

We also started in-home therapy this past Tuesday to address her persistent torticollis. It seemed to have gone well, and we’ll be trying some different approaches to treating her. We’ve reached a plateau at the moment and need a breakthrough.

Her surgery is not scheduled yet, but will be sometime within the next three months we think. The surgeon wants to see how well the DOC Band does before he sets a definite time.

Lastly, we went for our first ever photo shoot this past Saturday at the North Carolina Arboretum. Our photographer is still working on the pics, but we got a teaser one yesterday, shown below. 

Thanks again for the prayers.