ivi grace update 6

Here we are on a flight, returning from our first ever “family” vacation. I say family vacation, because before Ivi Grace it was just me and Christi for over 12 years. Technically, we were a family back then, but not in the sense we are now. It’s been really cool.

We left for a trip to Phoenix for the Southern Baptist Convention almost two weeks ago. After the convention, we went through Sedona and then on to the Grand Canyon. After seeing the big hole, we boarded a train in Flagstaff (with my parents) and traveled through Los Angeles, then from there to New Orleans. We spent three nights on the train and Ivi Grace did really well. We then spent a few days visiting friends and family in Baton Rouge, and are now heading back to North Carolina. It’s been a really cool time, and the last trip we’ll take or even plan for the near future because of Ivi Grace’s upcoming surgery.

Speaking of the surgery, we are still waiting for a definite time frame. The DOC Band seems to be helping redirect the growth at the back of her head. We travel to Charlotte every week for a fitting, and may be able to change to every other week soon, which would be nice. The surgeon will continue to access the growth and shaping that is happening with the band. When he feels the time is right for the surgery, then we’ll know. The Torticollis is still an issue, but we are progressing with in-home therapy for that. There is really not much else to report right now. My best guess would put the surgery in August or September. 

A few pictures from our trip are below. Thanks again for all the prayers and support. We rely on them more than you may know. Blessings!