ivi grace update 7

Frustrations...but God is giving us what we need when we need it. 

We were able to see Dr. Matthews, the surgeon, last Friday in Charlotte. We still do not have a date for surgery but he said it would be this fall. He said that he wanted to see her again when she is finished wearing the DOC Band and we think this will be in about six weeks. He also wants to see her head tilt eliminated or at the least greatly improved prior to surgery. This has been this most difficult part of her therapy and we are still struggling with it. In addition to our regular in-home therapy and routines, we are now seeing a osteopathic doctor and a medical massage therapist every week. We also have an appointment with chiropractor in a few weeks.

The massage therapist at Great Smokies Medical Center does a treatment called Frequency Specific Microcurrent, which is what Dr. Matthews thought might be beneficial to Ivi Grace. She had her first treatment today and we thought we might have seen some improvement. We’ll see. To be honest, all this osteopathic/electro/infant chiropractic stuff seems like a lot of voodoo to me, but if works, I don’t care. You come to a point that if a rain dance would help, then so be it. We know ultimately it is the Lord who heals, but he allows people of different expertise to facilitate that healing many times. 

Another headache through all of this is the insurance company. They don’t cover much of her treatments, and what they do cover is somewhat limited. The DOC Band, no. The osteopathic doctor, no. The medical massage, no. I joked with Christi that at the moment, if it seems it can help Ivi Grace, they don’t cover it. Typical.

Frankly, Christi and I feel like we are hitting our head on a brick wall sometimes. It’s hard to know what to do and who to see to do it. So many opinions, so many ideas and many times, those ideas conflict. If you are praying for Ivi Grace, thank you so much. Please pray for us as well, that God will provide the wisdom and insight we need to make the right decisions as they come. 

Trusting in Him.