ivi grace update from christi

Hi, everyone. This is Christi. Gordon asked me to do an update on Ivi Grace for all of you. I've included a few pictures so you can see how great she is doing.

Check out this stack of cards! These were from you! All of them were notes of prayer and support and well wishes. I'd like to say, "Thank you!" We have been overwhelmed by God's goodness to us through all of you. You have prayed for us and supported us through this time and we really appreciate it. Many of you we know and love and many of you we have never met. You've heard of Ivi Grace through a friend or family member or even from the local newscast and have been concerned enough for our little girl that you took the time to read the messages in this space. Some of you we have heard stories of where you are and how you found us and some of you we may never meet. But we thank all of you.

Here are a couple recent of pictures of Ivi Grace. She is continuing to do great and her incision is healing nicely. We are watching Ivi Grace carefully to make sure that she does not do anything that would put pressure on or hurt her head. She has gaps in her head from the surgery (see previous post if you want to see pictures). The bone will grow and fill it in over the next few months, but until then we are being very careful. We even have to watch her head position while she sleeps. Because most of the reshaping was done on her right side, the doctor advised us against letting her sleep on it. So we have had to keep an eye on her through the night and flip her over when necessary.

She got her DOC Band last week and we were thankful to get it. Most people think of it as a helmet to protect her head, but it's primary function is to reshape her head as it grows. However, its construction does offer protection for her head. And with the band, we got to stop the night watch and let everyone sleep. That was a good day (or a good night).

We are starting back with physical therapy this week and are looking into some other therapy options to help treat Ivi Grace's torticollis (head tilt). We will also be making weekly trips to Charlotte for the DOC band. They will check Ivi Grace's growth and make adjustments as needed.

Thanks again for keeping up the prayer and support. It means a great deal to us. More than we can express.

Since you have blessed us so much, we hope your new year will be filled with blessings.

Christi (and Gordon)